GB Gastrostomy Balloon Button Kit


Replacement set for the gastrostomy balloon catheter and button. Feeding tube related products, which are sterilized, are set in the order of operation. This shortens the time required for preparation and deployment, and allows for smooth replacement operation.


This is a set of a balloon catheter and a balloon button for the replacement of the feeding tube, which aims to infuse various nutritional supplements into and depressurize the gastric fistula of which the fistula formation has already been completed.


  • This set contains the devices required for replacement such as a povidone-iodine cotton stick, glycerin, and a prefilled syringe so that the replacement operation can be started immediately.

Contents of GB gastrostomy balloon button kit

Balloon catheter 1pc.
Balloon inating syringe
(containing sterilized water)
(for inspecting the balloon and suctioning the sterilized water of the balloon of the deployed catheter)
Lubricant agent (glycerin) 1pc.
Cotton stick immersed with antiseptic solution
(10% povidone-iodine cotton stick)
Tweezers 1pc.
Gauze patch 3pcs.
Stylet 1pc.
Feeding / depressurization tube (L type / straight type) 1pc.each


GB gastrostomy button (kit)
Reference No. Size
Shaft Length
Volume of Balloon
1192221 4.7(14Fr) 12 4mL 1set./ box
1192223 17
1192225 24
1192231 5.3(16Fr) 12 5mL
1192233 17
1192235 24
1192241 6.0(18Fr) 12 10mL
1192243 17
1192245 24
1192247 34
1192251 6.7(20Fr) 12 10mL
1192253 17
1192255 24
1192257 34
1192259 44
1192275 8.0(24Fr) 24 10mL
1192277 34
1192279 44
With X-ray contrast line Sterilized / for single use only