SPF Catheter, which is an occlusion balloon catheter to be used in surgery for thoracic and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms, can also facilitate blood perfusion at the distal tip of the balloon catheter.
The use of a silicone balloon can minimize damage to the tunica intima.
This microcatheter reinforced with high-quality platinum coils can allow smooth manipulation by adopting a well-balanced and matched catheter shaft designed to retain more appropriate flexibility.This product is an occlusion catheter to be used in peripheral vessels to prevent spinal cord ischemia during surgery for thoracic and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms.The catheter can be easily inserted into intercostal arteries and lumbar arteries, reducing trauma to blood vessels by adopting the silicone balloon.

Silicone Balloon

  • The occlusion effect can be obtained by the silicone balloon being snugly fitted in blood vessels at low pressure.
  • The balloon is provided with a marker for localization at the balloon tip.
  • The catheter has two radiopaque marker bands located at the proximal and distal tapers of the balloon to identify its location under fluoroscopy.

Catheter Shaft

  • Platinum coils to retain appropriate flexibility.
  • Coaxial catheter shaft, 2-way structure.
  • The main lumen is exposed at the catheter tip.



Tip Length
Effective Balloon
Balloon Diameter
Total Length
1180140 2 5 4 365 0.9 1.47(4.4Fr)