• The feeding tube for the gastrostomy allows for a shorter replacement interval to keep the conditions cleaner than the bumper type. Also, as it does not require any exclusive connection tube, if the funnel part is kept outside the clothing, the patient will not need to take off any clothing for the feeding tube connection, reducing the load to the patient and caretaker.
  • As the catheter has an extracorporeal fixation plate and marking that will not directly contact the fistula part, it is easier to observe the fistula part, reducing the chance of buried bumper syndrome and gastric outlet obstruction.
  • The feeding funnel has a shape that can handle two sizes with one point, allowing for easier prevention of nutritional supplement and drug infusion errors.

Newly employed fixation plate


Fistula can be observed, and an extracorporeal fixation plate that reduces displacement is newly employed.

How to use the funnel

Employment of the funnel compliant to the connection error prevention measures
For the infusion of nutritional supplements
The simple and compact design of the new infusion funnel has a shape that is compliant to the standard related to the connection with the enteral feeding route to prevent connection errors with the infusion line.

Remove the connector for the infusion of nutritional supplements

Remove the connector cap for the infusion of drugs.

Be sure to lock the funnel to stop using it


Reference No. Size
Volume of Balloon
Total Length
1192312 4.0(12Fr) / M 3mL 255 White 1pc./ box
1192314 4.7(14Fr) / M 4mL Green
1192316 5.3(16Fr) / M 5mL Orange
1192318 6.0(18Fr) / M 10mL Red
1192320 6.7(20Fr) / M Yellow
1192322 7.3(22Fr) / M Purple
1192324 8.0(24Fr) / M Blue
1192418 6.0(18Fr) / L 10mL 495 Red
1192420 6.7(20Fr) / L Yellow
1192422 7.3(22Fr) / L Purple
1192424 8.0(24Fr) / L Blue

With X-ray contrast line Sterilized / for single use only