• For Those Who Are Interested in Joint Research

For Those Who Are Interested in Joint Research

We Support You in Creating New Values in Life Science
with Our Technological Capabilities
We Have Been Developing in the Medical World

Since the foundation, we have been working on joint research in partnership with medical institutions and manufacturers. Most of our 3000 products have evolved from joint research. We consider our extensive experience and achievements in the research and development of medical devices as our strengths. With our knowledge of silicone, our expertise we have developed including highly functional coating such as hydrophilic and adhesion technology with other materials, as well as our silicone processing technology, we will actively work on joint research for our customers, patients, and their families.

For Medical Institutions Interested in Development

Our strengths include our unique silicone processing technology and knowledge we have developed in the medical field as a silicone professional. We have been creating ideas from various points of view and turning them into products to realize procedures and treatments that doctors envision in areas where treatments are considered difficult. In addition to our commitment to safety and reliability, we support the development of medical technology with a multi-faceted approach, including patent applications required in new development.

For Manufacturers of Medical Devices, etc.

Silicone, with its high biocompatibility and safety, is widely used for medical devices such as catheters. Since the foundation, we have been focusing on the potential of silicone and developing processing technology for it. We have also been developing knowledge and technology to obtain desired results by using other materials in combination with silicone. We pay a lot of attention to texture and design when we develop products because they come in contact with the human body.

For People Who Are Interested in the Application of Silicone in the Life Science Field

With our silicone processing technology we have been developing since the foundation and our knowledge of the gas permeability of silicone, we have developed artificial gills and artificial lungs using silicone hollow fiber in our own research and as requested by doctors. We support you in creating new values in the life science fields with our technology we have developed in our research and development of medical devices over the years and our high quality, safety, and product development capabilities.

If you are interested in joint research, please feel free to contact us.