Research and development technology
  • Our R&D staff are constantly working with technology at the front line of the medical world, thereby contributing to society through the development of cutting-edge developments.
  • The development of Fuji Systems’ main products, medical devices made from silicone, is accomplished in cooperation with various experts in the medical field, leading corporations and university research institutes. Through our research, our goal is to respond to the entire range of needs related to silicone medical devices.
  • With a view to medical needs and developments in the future, we at Fuji Systems have spent a number of years developing our hollow fiber silicone membrane oxygenator, utilizing the special characteristics of silicone.


As a manufacturer of a diverse range of silicone medical devices, we thoroughly monitor product safety and place on-time delivery as a top production priority. We therefore implement a strict system of product control, covering all stages of production from the procurement of raw materials to the creation of the finished product. With our product control based on ISO 13485:2016, our policy is to strive for the highest possible level of quality assurance.

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