Cardiac Surgery



RETRO-TH CATHETER, which is a silicone catheter to be used for retrograde coronary sinus perfusion for myocardial protection during open heart surgery, can be safely placed in the coronary sinus to provide an optimal distribution of cardioplegia solution.


  • The catheter is equipped with an oblate balloon at the catheter tip, which can prevent blockage of coronary venous branches opening into the coronary sinus ostium.
  • The pressure monitoring line is exposed at the catheter tip to monitor coronary sinus pressure for protection against complications including coronary sinus rupture, and to facilitate the checking of distribution and status of the cardioplegia solution simultaneously.
  • The spacious inner lumen of the main line (cardioplegia solution injection line) can help achieve balanced distribution of the cardioplegia solution.
  • The catheter comes with a stylet with a luer-lock connector to prevent regurgitation during insertion of the catheter.

Device Details



Reference No. O.D.
Maximum Balloon Volume
Effective Length
Total Length
1180512 4.0(12Fr) 3.0 270 361
1180514 4.7(14Fr)